Entry #5

Voice actin and Shtuff

2011-11-07 21:08:21 by Kugglelovesanime9

I'm a voice actor looking for work. Anyone need a voice in your movie? Well I'm your man, I can do a wide range of voices high to low, good to evil, straight to...let's not go there. But either way, I would be honored if ANYONE gave me a role in their movie, I haven't had work for a while but I'm still pretty fresh on my talent.

If you have any roles open PM me please. Thank you.

Your fellow newgrounder,



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2013-10-28 05:08:50

Dude I feel so sorry man, Some sicko Manipulated your voice! He was an Internet Thief who believed in Trolls... He thought My Characters were Homestuck.. Which isn't true at all! I'm so sorry those files were lost... This guy Arseniy teamed up with an EVIL Austrian named Suzi!

Kugglelovesanime9 responds:

Okay so...where is this guy so I can confront him about it?


2013-11-07 23:16:37

It's actually a Her Suzi was brought back by Necromancy.... She won't die unless we invent very powerful Tranquilizers and her buddy A-Teivos became Anonymous 36473625 because he was brainwashed by the Slovak Army but I know we were all pissed off I can't even finish our cool project Alpha-Bias Bros because of the MCW Incident in the WWW [world wide web] News! They both had a Klan that wants to kill Asians and Anime Fans like us! So, Please Be careful that A-Teivos is a masochist and he doesn't feel any fucking pain I think I re-made a button with the composite cable so if anyone wants him dead he will die within that one PS3 Composite cable with that one button I made! So I Trapped him, He shall die and get Stuck at Slovakia forever!